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Hard News Story:

Irondale High School held their 25th annual Music of the Knight marching band competition this past weekend in New Brighton. Many bands from across Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas competed. Baldwin-Woodville Marching Band, River Falls Marching Wildcats and Eden Prairie Marching Eagles won first place in their respective classes


Feature Story (Mini):

A man named Jesse James robbed First Fidelity Bank late Tuesday morning armed with a pistol and also a squirt gun. He said that his motive was to preserve his family name. He is the great-great nephew of a man also named Jesse James who unsuccessfully robbed the same bank nearly 100 years ag

Jesse James robs First Fidelity Bank to “preserve” his family’s name. (Feature Story Sample)

Tulsa, Oklahoma (COMM185)-Late Tuesday morning at approximately 10:00 am a man armed with one pistol and one squirt gun entered First Fidelity Band on the thirtieth block of W 21st Street. His face was painted like a skeleton and he was wearing a skeleton onesie.

James was caught exiting in the back alley of the bank by passing police officers with $20,000 in cash and was immediately arrested. When James was questioned for motive he said “Jesse James was my great-great uncle. I was just trying to finish the job he started.” Then he continued to add details to his motive, “My great-great uncle Jesse James and his brother frank ransacked this bank nearly 100 years ago. They were caught before anyone received any money so I felt compelled to do better. Obviously I failed because I got caught so it’s on the next Jesse James in line to finish this task.”

In response to this statement by Jesse James, Police Chief Weldon Freeman said “This man has no sense of history!” Part of James’ statement is true to the public’s knowledge. There was a Jesse James and Frank James who robbed First Fidelity Bank at this exact location in 1916 who stole $4,000 which is equal to $88,400 with inflation. The other statement that James’ great-great uncle was caught was untrue and they never recovered any of the money.

Witnesses say that James was laughing as he held the pistol to the teller’s head while keeping the water gun in his belt. Witnesses also reported that James was laughing as he ordered the teller to hand over all the money and the keys to the vault.

All victims are physically safe, but mentally and emotionally shaken and scarred.  The money stolen has been returned to the bank and will have no further impact on the customers of First Fidelity Bank.


Limited Time Only-Bay Area Humane Society is cutting adoption fees. (Sample Press Release)

The Bay Area Humane Society in Green Bay, Wisconsin is putting on Adopt-oberfest throughout the month of October. All month long all cats and kittens will have 50% taken off their adoption fee and select dogs will have $50 of their adoption fee. All of these animals have the potential to be a great member of your life. These furry friends need homes. Maybe you’ll find your next family member here at Bay Area Humane Society.

This event runs from October 1st, 2016 until October 31st, 2016. Stop by during our business hours Monday through Friday 2pm-7pm, Saturday noon-5pm and closed on Sundays.

For more information contact Volunteer, Kate Kraemer at (651) 260-2757 or

Your Environmental Footprint Matters

I learned that my carbon footprint on the environment is higher than my share and I know I am not the only one. Changes need to be made by everyone because global warming is real. I wrote an article regarding this issue. You can also check your carbon footprint from the link at the end of my article!
The photo above is of a glacier in Alaska that has shrunk tremendously in the past 20 years due to global warming, just like the melting ice caps and such. Changes need to be made. Check out this link!

College Greek Life Is Not What’s Seen On TV Screens (Sample Feature Story)

In the movie Neighbors, staring Zac Efron and Seth Rogen, a fraternity, also known as Greeks moves in next to a family and throws outrageously extravagant parties with neon lights and unlimited drugs. That story line is an exaggerated depiction of Greek life. The amount of misconceptions about Greek Life is unbelievable. Hollywood took the concept of Fraternities and Sororities and ran with it, throwing away many of the important aspects of these popular organizations of siblinghood. Movies show Greeks ditching class, throwing massive parties and harshly hazing new pledges. A fraternity or sorority is almost like a full-time job; it involves the commitment of every member of the chapter to reach their goals. The majority of the time those goals have nothing to do with partying and has more to do with the community and future careers for themselves.

Not every chapter of every sorority or fraternity has an official house. This is for many different reasons, sometimes because of retractions from the school or state and sometimes from the organization as a whole. The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire currently does not have a “Greek Row” because of an event that happened nearly fifty years ago. According to Jeff Kraemer, the President of the Phi Gamma Delta-Epsilon Chi chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, “there was a huge party in the 70’s called Tornado Watch on a street lined by all the Greek houses that turned into a riot”. This caused seven of the ten chapters to be kicked out of the school and the three remaining chapters had to separate their houses. Today, the state has put a law in place that states that “all organization houses on a university must be equipped with a sprinkler system for the safety of those inside the building”. To put a sprinkler system in you need to either rent a house that already has on installed or bought a house and install one. Since most houses for rent don’t have a sprinkler system and houses near the university are usually not for sale, it is almost impossible to have an official organization house at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. This is not something that just affects UWEC, it also affects many other universities across the nation.

Hazing is also a rare occasion to the extent that many movies show. Of course, there are a few sororities and fraternities that have had a problem with it, but most of the time those stories get out and that chapter gets shut down or put on probation. Parties are not as extravagant as seen on TV either. Famous parties are not the main goal of Greek Life-volunteering, community outreach, and networking are the main goals. Keeping the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood alive creates a very familial atmosphere for the members of each fraternity of sorority. That familial feel is the exact type of support needed to prosper in college and created a great base for a career after graduation. Contrary to popular belief, fraternities never promote rape culture. Kraemer stated that “the brothers in every chapter work hard to create a welcoming and safe environment for everyone around. Rape or referencing rape in any way other than extremely negative is a topic taken very seriously and is punishable to the highest extent to any violators.”

Greek life is an important aspect of any campus, but it is not everything that is seen in the movie or on TV. If it were it would not be seen and a positive organization to put on a resume. The myths of fraternities and sororities can be found everywhere in the world, not just in American culture. The best Greeks do not join for the party.

Music of the Knight brings together marching band lovers for the 25th year in a row. (Feature Story Sample)

NEW BRIGHTON, Minn. One of Minnesota’s largest marching band competitions was this past weekend and it is still growing every year.

Irondale High School’s Music of the Knight competition has continued to bring families, musicians and music lovers together for 25 years and that’s is exactly what it did Saturday, September 24th at Irondale High School Stadium.

This year there were fourteen bands in attendance in three different classifications which are determined by school size, A, AA, and AAA.  Baldwin-Woodville Marching Band took home first in class A, River Falls Marching Wildcats took home first place for class AA and Eden Prairie Marching Band took home first for class AAA.

Todd Dath who attended the event because he is a fan of a few of the bands at the event said “every year I come here I am always impressed by everything. The kids who put on amazing shows are inspiring, they all work hard together to make something really cool. This event along with Rhythm By The River in River Falls always impress me with the organization and friendliness of everyone and the talent they bring to their field.”

This event was made possible by talented music faculty at Irondale High School and dedicated parents and community members.